Installation of windows XP or 7 through CD or DVD is an easy method and burning ISO file on CD or DVD is also very easy because there are many software that helps you to burning ISO file. But when you want to install windows through USB then you have to face hesitation. So in this article you will learn how to install windows through USB by using Rufus Portable software.

  • You will need a minimum 4GB USB drive
  • An ISO file of windows XP or 7 which one you want to install. 
  • Rufus Portable software. 
Rufus Portable will allow you to easily create bootable USB drive and copy windows to it. Just follow these steps.
  1. You must have ISO image file of windows XP or 7. If you don't already have ISO image file then download it via torrent.
  2. Connect USB with computer.
  3. Open Rufus Portable software and make some changes as shown in image.
  • Device: Select USB drive.
  • Partition scheme and target system type: MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers.
  • File System: NTFS
  • Cluster Size: 4096 bytes
  • New volume label: Type any name
  • Tick Quick format
  • Tick on create bootable using ISO image and browse ISO image from your computer
  • Tick on Create extended label and icon files

At last click on start button and wait until process complete.


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